• Patrick Beverley (left thigh) will not play in Tuesday’s game against the Mavs and Nene will start to match up against Andrew Bogut.

    The Rockets cannot afford another injury so they’ll play it safe here.  If Beverley cannot play then Corey Brewer and Sam Dekker are on the radar during a light four-game night, but James Harden will continue to tack on to his already seemingly unsustainable workload.

    Update: Beverley will not play and Corey Brewer will start.  Tyler Ennis will reportedly see more playing time and he’s probably the most interesting tournament play in DFS.

    Update: There has been some confusion to whether or not Montrezl Harrell or Nene is starting.  It is indeed Nene as beat writer Calvin Watkins deleted his tweet regarding Harrell starting.  This makes sense since Bogut will play opposite Nene as a starter but the minute distributions won’t change at all and they should be used how you would normally use them.

    https://twitter.com/calvinwatkins/status/813908855377653761 (deleted)

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