• The Vertical reported on Sunday that Blake Griffin will undergo a minor surgery in the coming days and will return at some point in January.

    Look for the Clippers to play small a whole lot and then Marreese Speights and Brandon Bass will be maxed out.  If anything, they’ll peak out as late-round values when on the floor and for an upcoming four-game week, at least Speights should be given strong consideration.  Bass hasn’t been playing.  Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers and Raymond Felton will all be late-round candidates and are worth picking up for the four-game week, but mostly this is going to push Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and J.J. Redick to their limits. 

    Update: We’ve got more info on the surgery, which is ‘arthroscopic to remove loose bodes’ from his right knee and there is a timetable of 3-6 weeks.  This could go all the way into the All Star break and owners need to hold but also monitor the reports.  If he only has 1/3 of his season left after the break then some of y’all should at least be considering a drop — or better yet — a trade.  Again, do not drop him until it is abundantly clear to be heading that way.  From there, it becomes an ROI tolerance and league format issue.  Top-50 value for half the remaining games plays out like a top 100-150 guy. 

    Update II: Surgery was successful and they’re amending the timetable to 4-6 weeks.  The same analysis above holds true.

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