• CJ McCollum
    SG, Portland Trail Blazers

    CJ McCollum hit the game-sealing free throws for Portland on Tuesday and made it look easy, considering he has been playing with a L3 vertebral transverse process fracture since last Thursday, weathering the effects through three games thus far.

    One of the bright spots about this type of fracture is that it is unlikely to jeopardize the stability of the spine or affect the spinal cord, since the core part of the vertebrae remains unaffected. McCollum apparently suffered the injury last week but has not been listed on the team’s injury report for any of the last three games. That could be taken to mean that there was never a doubt he would participate in any of them, even though it's pretty certain he is playing in a great deal of discomfort. The Blazers need to beat the Nets on Thursday in order to secure the No. 8 seed in the West and McCollum will most definitely be out there battling with his teammates.

    Source: NBC Sports