• Hassan Whiteside (knee) said he won’t play until he is 100 percent according to the Miami Herald.

    “I’m frustrated by it,” Whiteside said. “But I’m not missing months. I’m not missing a significant amount of time. It could be worse. You’ve got guys missing a year plus out there.” On a return date he added “Only time will tell. Hopefully, next couple weeks I can just rest and get healthy. Maybe trying to play through it could have had an effect on it.” 

    Whiteside has always wanted to err on the side of caution with injuries and the Heat have always downplayed them, which is an odd wrinkle, but either way more than the current 1-2 weeks of rehab definitely sounds like a possibility.  Bam Adebayo is the risk-reward pickup and we love the idea of adding him for any player with only late-round projected upside, and Kelly Olynyk is somebody we’ve been telling you to hold not just for standalone value but also this particular scenario. 

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