• Rajon Rondo (thumb) is probable and both Rudy Gay (shoulder) and Seth Curry (foot) are questionable for Wednesday’s game against the Grizzlies.

    Rondo will get his numbers and the Kings’ offense will continue to be a spectacular failure, while their defense will be a 20-car pileup so get your Grizzlies assets fired up.  George Karl is probably going to play James Anderson and Marco Belinelli as much as he possibly can, but Omri Casspi is worth owning in 12-team leagues and deserves consideration in your 12-14 team lineup.  Willie Cauley-Stein should be playing 30 mpg but he’s only getting about 15-20 mpg right now, but he has been productive enough to hold down late-round value over the last two weeks.  Still, it’s hard to know what Karl will do next. 

    Beyond that, owners should be concerned that Karl is coaching with reckless abandon right now, so DeMarcus Cousins being two technical fouls away from a suspension is an issue, and playing beat up players at the ends of games that are out of reach has already hurt one player directly in Gay.  Only in Sacramento would these obvious issues go undetected and undeterred.  It’s like the Isaiah Thomas and Michael Malone situations all over again. 

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