• Jason Lloyd of The Athletic reported on Friday that Isaiah Thomas is dealing with more than just a tear in his hip according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.

    Let’s translate this and we support sites like the Athletic so you should definitely consider a subscription over there.  Lloyd is a reliable reporter and when he says source with direct knowledge, that’s like doubling down in reporter-speak that the intel is good.  Now, let’s translate some more.  The secondary issues that Lloyd’s source refers to like ‘loss of cartilage and some arthritis’ that are ‘complicating the healing process,’ those could be sizable issues or they could be the type of issues that NBA players deal with everyday. 

    Because Thomas has a big payday coming and teams are naturally secretive about this stuff, they don’t want to issue a timeline until they absolutely know when that’s going to be.  Thomas has been straight-forward with the media throughout his career and he’s fairly aggressive about playing next season.  There definitely could be some or maybe even a lot of missed time, but it’s simply too soon to rubber-stamp that in early September.  Owners should definitely lower him in their ranks for the potential for significant risk, but also be cognizant that Thomas has quickly become the type of distressed asset that savvy owners know how and when to scoop up. 

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