• Tony Parker said that Kawhi Leonard has looked good in the last 2-3 practices they’ve had together and that he is “a couple of weeks, three weeks” from returning according to the San Antonio News-Express.

    “He’s close, but it’s still going to be a process,” said Parker. “You know the Spurs, they are going to take no risks. It’s going to be…a couple of weeks, three weeks, they are not going to take any risks, but he is looking good so far.”  Those practices were also more like informal workouts with guys like Tim Duncan and Matt Bonner, but with this type of freedom in discussing a return it’s probably the case that the team knows when he’s returning and that it’s basically anywhere from very soon to the outer bound of that 2-3 week mark.  The certainty with the report closes the buy low window a bit but it’s not entirely shut. 

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