• Tyson Chandler did not start the second half of Monday’s game due to back spasms and did not return.

    Leuer had 13 points with 13 rebounds, three blocks and a trey and he has always been a bit of a stat magnet.  He flashed easy top-75 upside earlier in the year and just needs minutes to make it happen.  A lot of his success will come down to Chandler’s status, but now that the year is close to done it’s possible the Suns will finally let Leuer go.  There is some risk here but he’s our type of upside pickup with the Suns getting three more games this week and four next week.  Chandler didn’t have a great track record of success so he can be dropped unless he gets good news quickly here.  Even then owners shouldn’t pass a free agent like Leuer or equivalent to keep him.



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