• Adrian Wojnarowski reported late Tuesday night that both the Warriors and Kevin Durant’s inner circle “are bracing for tough news on (his) knee” and they “fear he’s out months, not weeks.”

    That’s not good. Woj adds that the tests are on Wednesday but that there’s “real doubt about a regular season return.”  Owners shouldn’t drop him until we have very clear news about Durant’s status and maybe wait a day or so after that just to be sure.  Andre Iguodala has been a late-round value and should continue to be, while Matt Barnes will be signed and he’ll probably sit at 20 mpg at most if he gets thrown into the mix right away.  The usual suspects in Steph and Klay will get small bumps up and then the bench, such as Shaun Livingston, will get bigger bumps but it’s hard to bet on any of them as late-round values.

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