• Candace Buckner of the Washington Post reported on Thursday that X-rays taken on John Wall’s right pinkie finger and left wrist returned negative.

    “My right pinkie is messed up and my left wrist is swollen,” Wall said. “I knew it was hurting. I knew it was painful before the game. It was a big game for us. I just tried to come out and play through it and the result came out how it was.” It sounds like Wall and the Wizards are going to ride this to the All Star break but it’s going to be tough. “It’s going to affect him a little bit in the next couple of weeks, but he’s tough,” Scott Brooks said. “He’s not gong to complain about it. That’s what I love about him. I love that competitive spirit. Then he took about four of five shots that he probably shouldn’t have taken but he’d been playing extremely well.”  Owners should be rooting for Wizards wins because anything short of the playoffs and both he and Bradley Beal will be shut down at a moment’s notice. 


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