• Pistons center Boban Marjonovic is expected to take on a larger role next season according to head coach Stan Van Gundy.

    Marjonovic is well-known throughout the fantasy basketball community for his ability to put up solid numbers in limited time. That being said, it appears as though the big man will finally get the opportunity he deserves. “This is a fault of ours that we really didn’t build anything around him, either offensively or defensively,” coach Van Gundy said last month. “We have to do some defensive things to help him and we’ve got to get him the ball even more offensively, but he was our third center, so we didn’t build enough around him. Certainly we will, going forward.” Back-up center Aron Baynes is expected to become a free agent so Marjonovic’s stock is certainly on the rise while Drummond fans may have a potential handcuff to worry about going forward.

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