• Despite a last place finish and a constant hum of trade rumors, Brook Lopez sees some positives and is committed to the future of the Nets.

    Lopez thinks that Kenny Atkinson’s arrival helped set Brooklyn on the right path back to relevancy and he’s all about helping the team win. “Moving forward, I’m just all in, trying to do all I can to help my team be successful. We’ve got a great group of guys who really have that team-first attitude and we really believe that we can do something special as long as we put the effort out and we put the work in,” said the big man. While he’ll surely be the subject of trade rumors going forward, he’s actually not a bad guy to lead young players since he’s shown the willingness to make adjustments as the best player on a bad team when there’s really no incentive for him to change his game. His three point shooting was a nice surprise last season and it’s clear that Lopez will do his best to help Brooklyn rack up some wins. That should be the focus going forward as the Nets are likely to lose their first rounder next season. Whatever the case, Lopez is committed.

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