• According to Marc Stein, the Lakers are hoping that their newly acquired 27th pick will give them enough to get Paul George.

    The package would consist of either Julius Randle or Jordan Clarkson along with the 27th and 28th picks.  At face value, this may not sound like enough land an All-Star caliber player like George but PG13 has already made it clear that he will not be re-upping with the Pacers.  Rather than lose him for nothing, a solid young player in either Randle or Clarkson and two first rounders don’t sound that bad at all.  There are a number of other teams after George but we don’t yet know what those offers are.  Given George’s preference for the Lakers, it doesn’t seem likely that teams would give up that much for what is likely a one year rental.  If the Pacers take this deal and go young, neither Randle nor Clarkson should see too much of an impact as the rotation for next year is far from set.

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