• According to Chris Forsberg of ESPN, Clippers coach Doc Rivers thinks Kevin Garnett has one more year left in him.

    Rivers, who coached KG in Boston, notes how much Garnett enjoys mentoring the younger players on the roster.  “I think Kevin — and I know it, because I talk to him — loves the young guys on his team,”  Rivers said.  “He loves how they work. He thinks they have an old-school mentality. So I think he’s really gotten into Kevin, the teacher. And I honestly never saw that coming, either. Yet he was a phenomenal teacher with [Boston]; I just didn’t think he would have the patience to do it. And I think Kevin loves teaching these young guys.”  While Garnett’s locker room presence would be a boon for the young Wolves, he doesn’t warrant consideration in fantasy leagues this year even if he suits up.

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