• Appearing on ESPN’s “The Jump,” Dwight Howard admitted that the game has evolved and he’s been working on his threes as a result.

    One of the few true centers still in the league, it will definitely be weird to see Dwight launching from deep but if he’s able to develop a decent shot, it would go a long way towards extending his career and seeing meaningful minutes in crunch time.  Howard has only attempted 56 threes in his 13-year career so we’re not expecting him to suddenly become a long range threat.  On the other hand, nobody was expecting Brook Lopez to hit nearly 35 percent of his 5.2 attempts per game this past year after never averaging more than 0.2 attempts in his 9-year career.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Chris Vivlamore, the Hawks’ new GM Travis Schlenk still believes there is a place for Howard on the team but unless fantasy owners are punting free throws, an added three per game won’t be enough to offset his toxic free throw percentage.

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