• Joakim Noah blamed himself for Phil Jackson’s firing on the “Truth Barrel” podcast and talked about a wide variety of other topics.

    Noah admitted it was an extremely difficult year for him last season. The injuries, drug suspension and not living up to the massive contract Phil Jackson signed him to all weighed heavily on him and admitted that he lost his confidence. On the plus side, he doesn’t regret anything that’s happened and is determined to prove to everyone that nothing can hold him down and wants to show what he’s made of by bouncing back. The point is, Noah cares a lot. If he cannot provide in one way he will find another way to do it. Other than getting himself healthy so he can produce on the court, his other focus will be to provide a positive influence to the younger guys. 

    Noah played only 46 games last season with arthroscopic knee surgery in February and surgery to repair his rotator cuff in April and is at the point of his career where he simply cannot be play big minutes anymore. Not to mention, he still has 12 games remaining on his suspension for Androgen (an over-the-counter medication which he thought was not banned and would help him get through his injuries faster). He is unlikely to have much value in standard leagues next year.

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