• Joakim Noah
    C, New York Knicks

    Joakim Noah was not bought out before the March 1st deadline, and he and the Knicks have mutually agreed that it’s best if he remains away from the team.

    The Knicks could still try to buy Noah out before the end of this season, but that’s highly unlikely to be tenable for the veteran. If it didn’t happen before the deadline where he could at least latch on with a contender, there’s little chance he’d want to take one just to sit at home. There are no plans for him to return to the team this season, and the Knicks will try to trade Noah over the offseason (good luck) or consider using the stretch provision. That would cost the Knicks $6.5 million on the cap in both 2020 and 2021, which is theoretically when they should be starting to spend on free agents. Noah’s contract was horrific the moment it was signed but has aged as poorly as any of the big-money deals that were signed in the summer of spending.

    Source: ESPN

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