• Donovan Mitchell
    SG, Utah Jazz

    Jazz VP Dennis Lindsey and the rest of the Jazz management seem quite confident that stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell will be able to work through the sizable rift they're currently facing due to Gobert's reckless and childish attitude towards COVID-19. His actions backfired when both tested positive for the virus, subsequently causing sports leagues in the United States to come to a screeching halt.

    Given the large contracts of both Gobert and Mitchell, there's reason to believe they will be able to move past their personal differences. According to Lindsey, "They're ready to put this behind them, move forward, [and] act professionally." However, they were differing reports about Mitchell's willingness to reunite with his teammate. There is obviously no sure-fire way to determine if Gobert was actually the reason Mitchell contracted the virus, but the way Gobert was acting (which included lots of sarcastic touching) just prior to the outbreak in the US makes it easy to see why Mitchell had his reservations about Gobert's character. The Jazz roster is very talented and well rounded, so hopefully these two can coexist going forward.

    Source: Tim McMahon on Twitter

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