• The NBA will alter it’s All-Star Game format with two captains picking teams from either conference according to Marc Stein.

    The process for selecting the 24 All-Stars will remain the same. 12 players will be selected from each conference. The 10 starters will continue to be selected by a vote from 50% fans, 25% from current players and 25% from the basketball media. The NBA’s head coaches will also continue to select the 14 reserve players for both teams. However, the two highest fan vote getters, one from the East and one from the West, will be named team captains and get to pick teams regardless of conference affiliation. So for example, If Russell Westbrook is voted as a captain by the fans then he could select Kyrie Irving. LeBron James could select Chris Paul. This is a smart move from Adam Silver to avoid a lopsided All-Star game. With so much star power in the West it curious as to what other future rule changes may need to be made to even things out. 


    Each team will choose a charity to play for and the winner’s charity gets the donation. Hopefully this will incentivize a more competitive game. 

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