• Jimmy Butler
    SG, Miami Heat

    The NBA Board of Governors has released a number of details and announced the structure of the upcoming 2020-21 season.

    The part that jumps off the page immediately is the way the games will be scheduled. The 'First Half' of the season's schedule will be released at the beginning of training camp, while the 'Second Half' will be released later on, closer to the end of the First Half. This is to allow for games that were postponed (likely due to COVID-19 issues) to be rescheduled and fit into any applicable teams' Second Half schedules. Each team will play every team in its conference three times (42 games) and each team in the other conference twice (30 games) for a total of 72 games. The league also announced that the preseason will begin on December 11, which is less than a month away. The flexibility and foresight of the NBA as a league continues to put them ahead of the pack in relation to how other major sports leagues have handled returning to play amid a pandemic.

    Source: Eric Walden on Twitter