• Frank Isola of the New York Daily News is reporting that Carmelo Anthony’s circle is “cautiously optimistic” that he is dealt before the Knicks hold their media day on Monday.

    Rumors circling around Anthony and his inevitable departure have been long exhausted all off season. We have approached the 11th hour, days away from media day across the NBA, and Anthony is still due to sport a Knicks jersey.

    Melo has made one thing clear: he will only entertain a trade to the Houston Rockets. The two sides were reportedly at the “two-yard line” to strike a deal back in July, but talks fell off once Phil Jackson was fired. Melo’s side is optimistic that he will be a Rocket sooner than later, as it would cause a circus if he remained a Knick to start the season. The Rockets would have to find a suitor for Ryan Anderson’s contract, which is easier said than done.

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