• D'Angelo Russell
    PG, Golden State Warriors

    The Warriors are not keen on trading away D'Angelo Russell during this season, but may revisit the idea over the summer, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

    Where there's smoke, NBA Twitter probably started the fire. The Russell rumors were always unfounded as they were a product of his perceived fit in the Warriors system. He wasn't a good fit with Curry on the court in a handful of October games, but the Warriors may choose to give the pairing another chance later this season or even next season. The Warriors have no leverage in trade talks as the most obvious tank job in the league, but they will get a massive trade chip after the NBA Draft Lottery is held, at which point that pick could be paired with some young pieces, Russell included, to fetch either a star or a group of starters at need positions. Woj even mentioned that they're confident the same offers they are due to receive this season will be available in the offseason or later, so enjoy Russell's production this season despite the annoying DNPs.

    Source: Woj & Lowe Trade Season Special on ESPN

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