• Chris Paul
    PG, Oklahoma City Thunder

    The Thunder reportedly have "no belief" that a trade for Chris Paul will materialize this season, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

    It was a small miracle that Houston managed to move Paul in the offseason and it will take a similar effort from another team to get a trade for Paul done this season. Chris Paul has another two years left on his contract beyond this one and they come at an average salary of $42.8 million per year. The expectation, given the leaks of their negotiations with Miami, is that OKC would have to give at least one first-round pick in order to facilitate a second team taking in CP3's albatross of a contract. They've so far refused the idea of paying a tax for the privilege of moving the future Hall of Famer, but they certainly have the assets to do so after taking in a war chest of first-rounders from Houston and LA in the offseason. Such a scenario seems dead on arrival unless injuries strike one of this year's contending teams. In fantasy, don't draft players with the hope that they get traded, but at least CP3 has been playing well with his new team.

    Source: Woj & Lowe Trade Season Special on ESPN

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