• Caris LeVert scored 17 points on 6-of-6 shooting (3-of-3 from deep) with five rebounds, six assists, one steal and one block as the Nets went into New Orleans and scored 143 points on Friday.

    LeVert took advantage of garbage time and has now moved into a top 200-220 ranking on the year over 22 games and 18.5 mpg.  He has been much better than that over the last month, returning top 150-160 value in 21.2 mpg while hitting an unsustainable 50.5 percent of his shots.  He has been even better than that over the last two weeks with top-140 value in 22.7 mpg in the last seven games, hitting an even more unsustainable 53.1 percent of his shots. 

    It’s entirely possible that the Nets give him 26 mpg at some point or even more, but how much higher he can climb in the ranks and whether or not there will be ROI at the end of this stash are entirely open questions.  He’ll need minutes, cooperation (and injuries) from his teammates and continued improvement across all categories to make it work.  

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