• Kelly Oubre saw just 13 minutes of action in Friday’s blowout win over the Nets.

    We’ve been calling Oubre one of our favorite stashes and it’s possible we forgot about Scott Brooks.  Despite Bradley Beal (ankle) not playing, seldom-used Sheldon McClellan (eight points, two assists, one steal, one three) saw 24 minutes and at one point Otto Porter (12 points, four rebounds, two threes, two assists, one steal, one block, 31 minutes) was dinged up with some sort of leg injury (he returned to start the second half). 

    Brooks likes to put players in buckets and he has a dropped-scroll’s worth of history not playing the young guys.  Given Oubre’s commitment to defense we thought this would help keep him on Brooks’ good side, but we’re taking a decent step back on the stash talk.  He’s still a stash but he might be worth watching from the wire for the next few weeks. 

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