• Lucas Nogueira played 16 minutes off the bench on Wednesday, scoring four points on 2-of-2 shooting with seven rebounds and a block.


    We’ve had Nogueira rostered in 30-team leagues since the Jonas Valanciunas injury and he has been on our watch list all the way up to 12-team formats.  He’s a stat magnet and he has Hassan Whiteside-like potential.  There will probably be about a week or so before the big sites catch onto this, but we’re fine with a speculative add for any garbage you have on your roster.  Owners that don’t have garbage may want to wait another game to see if Dwane Casey is actually going to give him minutes, and overall folks will want to tie his theoretic contribution to Jonas Valanciunas’ absence.  Looking at any value above that is premature, but on the other hand Noguiera might only need 20 mpg to make it all work.

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