• Bojan Bogdanovic scored a career-high 44 points on 17-of-27 shooting with four threes, eight boards and two assists in Tuesday’s win over the Sixers.

    Bogdanovic hasn’t been very valuable this season but he has turned it on a little bit in the last two weeks, posting some top-120 value in 8-cat leagues on averages of 13.6 points, 1.8 treys, 4.0 boards, 3.2 assists and 49.1 percent shooting from the field.  With 3.0 turnovers per game in that same span his 9-cat value is in the tank, but tonight’s game will push him up those charts and he’ll be worth a look going forward, especially in 8-cat leagues.  Just realize that this one game isn’t going to change the nature of his deficient stat set, but it might lead to more scoring chances and better stability going forward.

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