• DeMar DeRozan scored 33 points on 12-of-22 shooting (9-of-9 FTs) with nine rebounds, five assists and four steals in the Raptors’ Game 4 win over the Bucks on Saturday.

    DeRozan was productive and he got better as the game went on, but he still isn’t quite clear on what constitutes a good shot or a good game plan and that worry isn’t going away anytime soon for the Raps.  He got to his midrange game and after an 0-for-8 performance in Game 3 the pure fact that he and the Raptors were able to both stop the bleeding and regain home court is a massive development.  They lose this game and they’d be one loss away from being dismantled, so they earned some toughness points and experience in this one. 

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