• DeMarcus Cousins scored a season-high 55 points on 17-of-28 shooting (5-of-8 3PTs, 16-of-17 FTs) with 13 rebounds, one steal and three blocks in the Kings’ 126-121 win over the Blazers on Tuesday.

    Cousins — embroiled in recent controversy because of the war between he and the Sacramento Bee — had a game that only he could have and one that nobody could have made up.  He was ejected late from a chippy, over-officiated game because it appeared he spit his mouthpiece at the Blazers bench after a massive and-1 late, but would be called back to the game WWE style after refs conferred and decided he merely lost control of it while barking at the bench. 

    Cousins would make the free throw, the Kings would close out the game in impressive fashion, and then Boogie had a tirade for the ages in the postgame interview.  Finally, he would greet reporters in a joking manner in the locker room, share his plans to trash stuff in the locker room, and basically take over the Internet on an amazing night of hoops.  Say what you want about Cousins but he might be the guiltiest pleasure of NBA Twitter.

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