• Giannis Antetokounmpo played a fantastic game in Thursday’s 92-89 loss to the Raptors, dropping a game-high 34 points to go with nine rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks.

    Antetokounmpo shot 13-of-23 from the field but was just 7-of-13 from the free throw line, an area that might’ve cost the Bucks their season tonight. They were down 25 in the third before ripping off an improbable 34-7 run, earning a two point lead before Toronto mercifully put this one to bed. Giannis came out hot and scored Milwaukee’s first eight points and seemed to do a better job of snaking his way into the paint than he did in Games 4 or 5. He was noticeably tired in the fourth, as Jason Kidd rode his stud down the stretch – he played 46 minutes tonight including the entire second half. Of the free throws he missed in the fourth, almost all of them came up short and flat so everyone and their mother could tell just how tired he was, as if sucking wind during every stoppage wasn’t clue enough. The Greek Freak is an absolute beast and is in the conversation as fantasy’s top pick next season. The sky is the limit with him, and that’s not even banking on improved shooting. If he can start getting his threes to drop, it’s game over for everyone else. It’s been a pure joy to watch him play this season.

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