• LeBron James
    SF, Cleveland Cavaliers

    LeBron James was masterful in Wednesday’s 132-129 win, shooting 11-of-19 from the field and 12-of-14 from the line to finish with 35 points, seven rebounds, 17 assists, one steal, one triple and no turnovers in 39 minutes of action.

    LeBron is on another level, and some of his passes tonight were looks that most players couldn’t even dream of. This was a highly entertaining contest from start to finish, with both teams red-hot in the first quarter, the Raptors pulling away with some beautiful basketball in the second, the Cavs erasing a 15-point deficit in the third and early parts of the fourth, and the two East elites trading punches in the closing minutes. Most fans would gladly sign up for six or seven games of this in the postseason, and the two teams could be even better then. The Cavs hit their fair share of tough looks (shooting .603 as a team) and are still missing a handful of guys while Toronto was on a back-to-back and down their top 3-point shooter. Bron will keep dominating as the Cavs try and hold onto the third seed, which would give us this matchup in the ECF rather than the second round. If tonight was any indication, that’s the spot it deserves.

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