• LeBron scored 39 points on 15-of-27 shooting (including four threes) with 11 rebounds, nine assists, one steal and one block in the Cavs’ 118-113 Game 3 loss to the Warriors on Wednesday.

    The Cavs have tried to run with the Warriors and that has resulted in a number of bad possessions and it’s exactly what the Warriors want — so that’s problem No. 1.  The Warriors have nobody that can cover LeBron in the post or the paint area and the Cavs simply haven’t gone to that and that’s problem No. 2.  The result has been LeBron working twice as hard to put his unworldly talents to use and that’s before you start to pile up the massive amount of unforced mental errors. 

    It’s going to be some low-hanging fruit to proclaim that the Warriors are forcing this and that they are the best team of all time, but simple tape review is going to show that the Cavs have just laid an egg when it comes to strategy.  Do that against a team that might be the best of all time, and you get a 3-0 hole that you’re not going to climb out of. 

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