• Russell Westbrook
    PG, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Russell Westbrook dropped another triple-double in Saturday’s 104-94 win, posting 21 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and a steal against the Spurs.

    Westbrook committed five turnovers but did shoot 7-of-15, which is a pretty solid night for him. On the other hand, he also shot 7-of-11 from the free throw line, and that’s continued to be a drag on his value this season. Either way, Westbrook provides elite counting stats but has damaging efficiency and turnovers. It’s the same story as ever, though this season’s volume has him working around top-30 levels as opposed to last year’s top-of-the-draft stuff. We’ll see if Westbrook hits the afterburners with OKC scrapping for a playoff spot.

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