• James Harden lit the Mavericks up on Wednesday night with 25 points, five rebounds, 13 assists, one steal, one block, one turnover and six 3-pointers in the Rockets’ 104-97 win.

    Harden could very well be the league’s best offensive player but he has been on a roll at the defensive end since returning from injury. In all three games leading into tonight, Harden had two steals and two blocks in each, some of the finest defensive stat work of his career. Tonight, he couldn’t get to two but he still grabbed one steal and blocked one shot. His steals have been consistent all season but Harden’s ability to block shots has really improved. Dating back to December 15, before Harden sat out seven games with an injury, he has a block in 12 of his last 14 games. Just another wrinkle to his already splendid game.

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