• Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry scored 31 points on 9-of-20 shooting (3-of-8 3PTs, 10-of-10 FTs) with seven rebounds, six assists, five steals and five turnovers in the Warriors’ 120-111 Game 5 win over the Thunder.

    This was a messy game and neither team executed well.  Curry continues to get his points in a less prominent role than we’ve seen in the past because the Thunder are scheming him that way.  The Warriors are not responding by getting him matched up in favorable switches, but rather they’re working him off the ball or going in other directions.  His explosion looks fine in terms of so-called injury talk, but the Thunder present challenges as officiating tightens up in the playoffs. 

    Klay Thompson scored 27 points on 8-of-21 shooting (2-of-9 3PTs, 9-of-10 FTs) with five boards, two assists and one steal, and Draymond Green got back to being productive without the ball in his hands as he put up 11 points, 13 boards, four assists, one steal and four blocks.  If the Thunder get back to disciplined ball and go back to their earlier success switching everything rather than chasing Curry off the pick-and-roll, the Warriors will need to be much better than they were tonight to get a win in Oklahoma City on Saturday.

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