2016 Hoop Ball Premium Membership


Many of you have seen the work we've done with the Hoop Ball Fantasy Draft Guide.

For those of you that missed it, you can pick it up right here for $4.99 now that the season has started.

Produced by FSWA Basketball Writer of the Year Aaron Bruski — a team of up-and-coming writers joined forces to create a truly versatile and in-depth guide that pushed the boundaries of preseason content.

The flagship rankings, The Bruski 150, has produced national championships in big money contests for its namesake, and consistently beat the competition for the last five seasons.

Now, as Hoop Ball continues to grow and develop, the 2016-17 Hoop Ball Premium Membership is taking in-season paid packages to the next level.

What do fantasy owners need during the season?


One-way conversations through articles, print and even chat can be valuable and they're not going away.  In fact, they're a big part of what the Hoop Ball Premium Membership is going to be.

But as technology evolves and brings us closer together, it makes no sense that fantasy sites aren't bringing the conversation into your living room.

Hoop Ball is going to change that with nightly, interactive video chats immediately after the games are done.  Our experts are going to take your questions and answer as many of them as we can on air.

Your league can turn on a dime.  Or a turned ankle.  And there are too many caveats to be explored within the constraints of a blurb, article or podcast (of which there will be plenty).

There needs to be back and forth, a narrative needs to be explored, and the backdrop of league scoring settings, formats and strategies deserve an interactive medium.

It's immediate. It's impactful. It's better than everything else that's out there.

60 minutes later just isn't cutting it in competitive formats.

Your schedule demands you get the most out of your content and in the most convenient way possible.

We're going to cover season-long leagues, DFS and take a hard core look at waiver wire options and FAAB plays.

And what about Monday lineup deadlines?  Our live lineups show on Mondays is going to take you right into tip-off so you can get the last second advice you need.

While other sites do this as a side focus, we are putting our best and brightest on the paid channels, including Bruski, Mike Pandador, Jake Cousins, John Sill, the Dhanani Brothers (Riaz and Zain), Jordan Smith, Jon Schifferle, Danh Nguyen, Dan Besbris, Jake Fitzgibbon, Vince Miracle and Aaron Ahmad.

We're adding to that list everyday so if you have the chops drop us a line.

That's a lot of firepower to leverage into value for your fantasy dollar.


As mentioned, the print side of this shouldn't be ignored.  Aside from the fact that you don't always have time to watch or listen to things — having analysis on paper is a great way to lock in the answers.

One foundational piece of any in-season product is the nightly pickups write-up.  So yeah, that's included.

We're also putting some crude, but savvy tools for fantasy owners with our customizable schedule grid, smart depth charts, our weekly start-sit tool and go-forward projections.

From that we generate a top-150 list going forward and Dynasty ranks.

I'm not going to lie and say we'll be the prettiest in-season product on the market today.  But we're going to be the most dangerous.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.34.52 PM


Your season is on the line with an add/drop decision.

You're looking at a massive trade from five different angles and none of them lead to an easy place.

As an avid DFS player, you're looking for an edge you can't find anywhere else.

The Hoop Ball Fantasy Pro Service is the answer you're looking for.

Our pros will respond to your questions within four business hours (or one business hour if you're going down to the wire).  These answers are researched by our team of pros and you get a qualified response so you can get another opinion.

For those who want to enlist the services of Aaron Bruski, you can even buy his add-on option so he will be the guy that answers your questions.  Even if you don't, he trains and reviews the work of all of his pros, so you can be assured the advice you're getting is the best in the industry today.


Subscribing to the Hoop Ball Fantasy Pro Service unlocks the rest of our premium products at a significant discount.  Subscribers with an active membership get:



In-Season Premium Membership subscribers now get 20% off a RotoTracker membership.  It's a must-have for DFS players of any sport.  Use our signup page for discounts and a free base plan membership in the Hoop Ball Fantasy Pro Service.



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