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    Bru b-y

    Hey guys, Bru here. 

    Thanks to our partnership with RotoTracker — a tool that DFS owners should be getting acquainted with as fast as they can — subscribers to any of our premium products get 20% off a RotoTracker membership.

    **You can try it for free right here

    Just remember to always sign up through our pages (www.rototracker.com/hoopball) to get discounts and other free Hoop Ball stuff.

    We’re also going to provide anybody that signs up for a RotoTracker membership a FREE membership to the Hoop Ball Fantasy Pro Service base package (worth $60 per year).

    So now you can use simple tools that the DFS pros use AND get your questions answered by our DFS experts.

    I wouldn’t sign off on this if I didn’t think it was a tremendous value for any semi-serious DFS player, let alone folks that play every day.

    And let’s face it — we would all rather win than lose so why not put a little bit of thought and planning into this? 

    Your competition is doing much more than that … that’s for sure.


    Even if you’re betting small amounts per month, the Bronze package and a question per week with our Fantasy Pro Service can go a long way toward keeping you in the green.

    If you’re betting like most of us do, you’re probably putting much more than that on the line and this is where the combo of all these memberships can be a game-changer. 

    Use the best tools with the best premium products AND get your questions answered when needed — that’s how you run shop.


    So to recap — if you sign up for our In-Season Premium Membership or Fantasy Pro Service you get 20% OFF of RotoTracker’s membership fees.

    If you were a Draft Guide subscriber you are eligible for the 20% off, too.

    We’re going to give you the base package of the Fantasy Pro Service for free just for signing up with RotoTracker’s paid membership. 

    If you want to buy a package with more questions per week email us for a special coupon code to give you $4.99 per month off the expanded packages.

    Once you are signed up with the In-Season Premium Membership or the Hoop Ball Fantasy Pro Service — or if you bought the Draft Guide during the preseason — then you will see the discounted prices when you go to purchase your RotoTracker membership.

    Now that I’ve yammered a bunch take a quick look and see how it all works.



    If you don’t want the discount (not wise!) you can bypass those memberships and purchase the RotoTracker membership right here.

    Again, you can try it for free here, but you’ll want to return back to this page to buy your membership so you can get the discount, the free Hoop Ball Fantasy Pro membership and it also helps support our site. 

    If you sign up for a free account, make sure you use our link and not the general signup page. 

    Thank you for you support!! – Bru