New York Knicks

Fantasy Blurbs

  • Enes Kanter - C - New York Knicks

    In an interview with The Athletic, Enes Kanter said that he expects 3-pointers to be part of his game this season.

    Kanter seemed to flirt with the deep ball in 2016-17 with OKC, though he only hit five of his 38 attempts. Last season he missed his only two tries but David Fizdale wants the big man to expand his range. "I think it’s going to be a part of my game because Coach Fizdale told me to just go out there and start shooting threes. When a coach tells you something like this, it gives you so much confidence, and you feel more comfortable out there." Don't hold your breath, but if he can knock down one every couple of games on low volume it might help roto owners.

    Source: The Athletic

  • Kristaps Porzingis - F/C - New York Knicks

    Steve Mills says there's still no timetable for the return of Kristaps Porzingis (ACL).

    KP should be getting a re-evaluation when the team reconvenes for camp next week so there will hopefully be some sort of update then. He's been rehabbing in Spain with the team's permission and new coach David Fizdale traveled to Latvia to meet with the young star, so there's no discord about the situation here. Porzingis has the looks of a December return in an absolute best-case scenario so he's just a stash, and potentially not a great one depending on how the Knicks operate.

    Source: Chris Mannix on Twitter

  • Courtney Lee - G - New York Knicks

    Despite rumors that he'd like to be traded, Courtney Lee says he's never made any requests and has not expressed any desire to be moved.

    The Knicks have been reportedly looking to trade Lee for several months but those reports (as well as the recent one of a trade request) have all come from the same source. David Fizdale seemed to suggest that Lee would come off the bench this season, though he can still turn in late-round numbers as long as the minutes are there. He'll be available late and is a nice glue guy for most roster builds, so don't forget about him completely.

    Source: Ian Begley on Twitter

  • Frank Ntilikina - G - New York Knicks

    In a Town Hall discussion Knicks GM Scott Perry highlighted that Frank Ntilikina has added 10-15 pounds.

    These events are often feel-good fests. Ntilikina still needs to outplay Trey Burke and Emmanuel Mudiay for the starting role. Coach Fizdale added that Ntilikina is capable of guarding 1-4, so maybe he could even start alongside Burke.

    Source: Ian Begley on Twitter

  • Joakim Noah - C - New York Knicks

    The Knicks plan to part with Joakim Noah before training camp as of Friday.

    This was obviously on the cards with the current state of that relationship. The team will still try to find a trade partner which isn’t likely at this point, and may just settle on cutting their losses and moving on.

    Source: Shams Charania on Twitter

  • Joakim Noah - C - New York Knicks

    Despite their recent run on ex-Bulls, the Wolves will not pursue Joakim Noah if (or when) he's released from the Knicks.

    Earlier rumors had the Knicks using the stretch provision to rid themselves of Noah some time in September, and the Thibs connection was strong enough to get people guessing that he'd certainly end up on the Wolves. That doesn't appear to be the case, however, as Minnesota has enough frontcourt depth to get by already. Noah should be facing a brutal market once the Knicks sign the proper paperwork.

    Source: Marc Stein on Twitter

  • David Blatt - Coach - New York Knicks

    The Knicks will interview former Cavs’ coach David Blatt and Spurs’ assistant James Borrego next week per Woj.

    They’ve already been connected to David Fizdale, Mike Budenholzer and Mark Jackson and now we can add two more names to that list. With the NBA off-season still a month or so away, the prime candidates might hold off on signing with the Knicks unless owner James Dolan throws an extra large pile of money at their desired candidate(s).

    Source: Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

  • Mike Budenholzer - Coach - Atlanta Hawks

    Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Knicks will interview coach Mike Budenholzer.

    The Knicks have also been connected to several other coaching candidates so nothing is set in stone. Additionally, Cunningham mentioned that it’s still possible Budenholzer returns to the Hawks next season. Stay tuned.

    Source: Michael Cunningham on Twitter

  • Kyle O'Quinn - C - New York Knicks

    Kyle O'Quinn has not made a decision on whether or not to pick up his $4.26 million player option for the 2018-2019 season.

    O'Quinn had one of his best seasons of his career and stayed fairly healthy the whole way. With a decent chance to make more money on the open market, and the desire to play in the playoffs, O'Quinn is still unsure about his future with the Knicks. With Kristaps Porzingis possibly out for all of next season, O'Quinn should get consistent playing time as long as he is healthy. O'Quinn may test the waters on the open market while still being open to staying in New York. O'Quinn also has to decide if he wants to leave behind his out-of-left-field side gig as a Bar and Bat Mitzvah entertainer that he's come to love in New York.

    Source: Newsday