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  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins hit 3-of-5 threes but finished Friday's loss to the Spurs with an empty 17 points (0-for-2 from the line), five rebounds, one assist and two turnovers.

    Since his 40-point double-double on January 8, Wiggins has gone back to providing low-efficiency, low-impact lines which makes him virtually unplayable in roto and a major drag in H2H (outside the top-200 in 9-cat over the last two months).

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins played 40 minutes on Saturday night but wasn't much of a fantasy asset, scoring 18 points on 7-for-21 shooting with an assist, a steal, two 3-pointers and five turnovers.

    Wiggins looks like he'll play a boatload going forward, which is good, but his stat set still needs a lot of work, which is bad. You can't ask for a better setup for empty volume scoring, but it sure would be nice if he could get his fill elsewhere in the box score. He's a build-dependent late-round guy.

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  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins scored a season-high 40 points on 11-of-24 shooting (2-of-4 from deep, 16-of-18 from the line) with 10 rebounds, four assists, one steal and one block over 38 minutes in Tuesday's road win over the Thunder.

    It was the new coach bounce in full effect after the Thibs firing and with no Robert Covington or Derrick Rose there are some obvious reasons for the outburst. Still, Wiggins has played for old school coaches his entire career and 32-year-old Ryan Saunders is at least a different look for fantasy owners to consider. It's worth giving added consideration to Wiggins for increased rest of season value one wouldn't normally attribute, if anything because mid-round value is so hard to come by.

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  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins posted 28 points (9-of-23 FG, 3-for-10 3PT, 7-for-11 FT) in Sunday's win to go alongside five rebounds, two assists and a block.

    Big scoring with limited contributions elsewhere and bad shooting? The Wiggins special. He's holding onto late-round value and owners know the deal by now so they'll take the points. It'd be surprising if the new coaching staff was allowed to limit his minutes drastically considering the front office just gave him a huge deal, but we could easily envision Wiggins playing a bit less going forward. It's not going to make him any less frustrating to fantasy owners, but he's still worth holding if you need those points.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins put up 31 points on 10-of-18 shooting in a game-high 43 minutes of action in a loss to the Celtics on Wednesday.

    He shot 9-of-12 from the line and added two 3-pointers, two rebounds and three assists to the stat sheet. He is a top-140 value on the season, which is good enough for late-round value despite having the worst season of his career thus far. His potential and ability to score make him worth owning in most formats.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins hit just 5-of-14 shots (5-of-12 FTs) for 16 points, six boards, two assists, one steal, two blocks and a trey over 41 minutes in Friday's overtime loss to the Hawks.

    Wiggins will catch some heat for his postgame comments regarding the boos after forgetting to wear his jersey to the game and sucking up the joint. “That’s fans for you. We’ve got some shitty fans and we’ve got some good fans. That’s just how it works," said Wiggins, who can be assured the feeling is mutual in Minny.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins put up 30 points with six rebounds and five assists in a team-high 42 minutes as the Wolves beat the Thunder on Sunday.

    Wiggins has not played well this season and is only providing late-round value while putting up a career-low in points per game. Robert Covington chipped in with 13 points and five rebounds on 4-of-8 shooting. Covington is the preferred option of the two as he is top-20 value on the season and Wiggins is top-140.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins hit 3-of-11 shots from the field on Friday and finished the night with a woeful 15 points and six rebounds in a hollow line.

    There was talk that Robert Covington was having a positive impact on Wolves' pups Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. Tonight, that impact was neither evident nor could be inferred. Wiggins had spots early in the season where he managed to spruce up his line with peripherals but those have been noticeably absent recently, keeping him in the top-140 in 9-cat over the last week.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins hit 10-of-15 shots (including two threes) for 25 points, two rebounds, one assist and two steals in Wednesday's loss to the Kings.

    Wiggins is a late-round value this season as expected and without the daily drama of the Jimmy Butler days.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins led the Wolves with 20 points on Saturday night, adding six rebounds, a steal and a block while shooting 8-for-18.

    Wiggins still has issues producing outside the scoring column but has shown flashes of breaking through this season. Owners were probably hoping for more with Robert Covington out, but any night he gives you two defensive stats qualifies as a small win. It's unlikely that Wiggins climbs out of the ranks of the overrated for fantasy purposes, but he is taking some steps forward overall this year with minor increases in steals, blocks and threes.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins scored 26 points with six rebounds and five assists on 11-of-19 shooting in a win over the Hornets on Wednesday.

    This is the type of performance that people were envisioning Wiggins producing regularly when he came into the league. He added three 3-pointers and one block to the box score as well. Robert Covington scored 17 points with six rebounds and two steals on 6-of-9 shooting. The Wolves will be a scary team if Wiggins can regularly bring performances like this. For now, expect late-round value out of Wiggins due to the down scoring numbers and poor field goal percentage.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins took a page out of Robert Covington's book and swatted a season-high three shots on Monday against the Rockets, adding 16 points, four boards, two triples and a steal.

    This is the kind of game that owners want to see from Wiggins but he's been slumping recently, falling outside the top-240 over the last two weeks. View him as a top-120ish asset who has upside if he ever figures out how to stay engaged.

  • Andrew Wiggins - G/F - Minnesota Timberwolves

    Andrew Wiggins got back on track in Saturday's home loss, picking up 17 points and two threes on 5-of-12 shooting.

    Wiggins could only add two rebounds and three assists in 38 minutes, but we'll live with limited cash counters as long as he's actually scoring. If that becomes his default (again) he'll be an overrated late-round scoring specialist, but perhaps he can tap into all that upside and finally pay dividends for fantasy owners. It's a coin flip proposition so hopefully you're not expecting the world here.