D’Angelo Russell

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  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell amazed with 27 4th-quarter points (44 in total) in the Nets' huge 123-121 comeback win over the Kings on Tuesday.

    The Nets had been down by 28 in the 3rd before scoring 45 in the 4th to complete the comeback. Russell also tallied four rebounds, 12 assists, four steals and six threes for the night. He's been hanging around the top-50 most of the season, and if he can just increase his consistency, the sky's the limit for the 23 year-old.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell put up 32 points on 13-of-25 shooting with five rebounds, 10 assists and six 3-pointers against the Clippers on Sunday.

    The Nets went on a 10-0 run with 1:02 left in the fourth quarter to tie the game. They did all of that just for Lou Wiliams to hit a game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer. Russell continues to be the best player on the Nets and boasts top-60 value on the season. The Nets will need him to stay on top of his game if they want to make it into the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell put up 20 points, five rebounds, four assists, one steal and three 3-pointers in Saturday's loss to the Jazz, shooting just 8-for-25 in the process.

    It was an ugly night if you had anything riding on efficiency, but most of the Nets were barely present as they got smacked by Utah. Spencer Dinwiddie chipped in 22 points with three triples and a steal on 7-of-16 from the field. Both of Brooklyn's guards are must-start options til the end.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell continued to cool off on Monday, shooting 5-for-13 from the field en route to 11 points while adding three rebounds, seven assists, two steals, a block and a 3-pointer.

    Russell went 1-for-6 from deep and his shooting has been inefficient as of late, but his steals and assists have kept his value up. He's a career .417 shooter so his insane hot streak was clearly unsustainable but there's still some potential for mid-round value to finish the year.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell scored 18 points, six assists, three rebounds, one steal and three 3-pointers in Saturday's win against the Hawks.

    Russell was extremely inefficient tonight with 6-of-23 shooting but still managed to get the win for his team. Nonetheless, he's still the best fantasy player on the Nets ever since the injury to Caris LeVert and should be the focal point of their offense leading to the playoffs.

  • - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D’Angelo Russell put up 25 points on 9-of-20 shooting with four rebounds, five assists and three steals in a win over the Cavs on Wednesday.

    He did turn the ball over five times and shot 3-of-6 from the line, but he had a good performance outside of that. He has continuously been the Nets’ best fantasy player since Caris LeVert went down, but it seems to be continuing even with LeVert back. LeVert had 14 points and four rebounds in this one.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell dished out 11 assists in just 22 minutes in a blowout win over the Mavs on Monday, scoring 13 points and adding two steals.

    Russell has been the number 31 player over the past 60 days in 9-cat leagues. His competition for minutes and usage is mostly healthy again, so expect him to stay closer to his rank of 61 over the past 30 days.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell scored 10 points, eight assists, one steal and two 3-pointers in Saturday's 117-88 blowout loss to the Heat.

    Russell had an efficient 4-of-8 from the field tonight but wasn't really able to make an impact in tonight's game. We expect him to finish as a middle-round player since Caris LeVert will eventually get his legs under him and Spencer Dinwiddie rounding to form as he works his way back from his thumb surgery. Now's your best time to sell high on him before LeVert and Dinwiddie eat up some of his usage.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell tallied 22 points, nine assists and one 3-pointer in Friday's 123-112 loss to the Hornets.

    Russell was a bit inefficient in this one shooting just 9-for-24 from the field and 1-for-7 from downtown, but those games occasionally happen with him. He may see a slight decrease in usage with Spencer Dinwiddie returning, but he's still a solid mid-round player going forward even with a small drop.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell delivered 28 points, seven assists, a steal and a 3-pointer in Wednesday's 116-125 loss to the Wizards.

    Russell went 9-of-16 from the field and 9-of-10 from the line to get the job done efficiently and he was one of the few Nets to show up for the third quarter, where they were outscored 33-19. We expect him to lose a little bit of value when Caris LeVert hits full speed and Spencer Dinwiddie gets back but D'Lo is going to finish as a solid middle-round player this year even with a couple steps back.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell led the Nets in their 101-85 win over the Spurs with 23 points, seven boards, eight dimes, a steal, a block and five 3-pointers.

    Russell is playing with the confidence of Kanye West right now as noted by his ridiculous 29-foot 3-pointer he drilled in the third quarter. He's taking any shot he feels comfortable with and Coach Atikinson is letting him run free which has resulted in D'lo pushing top-40 value and the Nets sitting comfortably as the 6th seed in the east. We've constantly harped about selling high on him as there are plenty of mouths to feed, but there's nothing wrong with riding out this wave on a budding star.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell filled it up on his birthday, leading the Nets with 40 points (14-for-31 shooting), seven assists, two steals, a block and six 3-pointers in Saturday's win over the Hornets.

    Russell tied his career-high and did a ton of heavy lifting tonight as no other Net scored 20 points and only one managed more than 11. He's been a top-50 guy all season and hasn't slowed down yet with Caris LeVert back in the fold (small sample caveat), though we are expecting some kind of step backwards when LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie are both around. Even so, it would take a massive implosion for fantasy owners to not get a great return on their investment here considering D'Lo's mid-80s ADP. If you can get a certified early-round producer then it's probably wise to pull the trigger but there's nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying the show, either.

  • D'Angelo Russell - G - Brooklyn Nets

    D'Angelo Russell was quiet on Thursday with 14 points on 4-of-16 shooting to go with four rebounds, eight assists and two 3-pointers.

    The offense is still moving through Russell as noted by his eight assists, but Caris LeVert has already eaten into his usage. His insane run looks to be closed and if you can you still might be able to sell him high, but his value won't reach what it was a month ago.