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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Dan Gilbert said he thinks the Cavaliers "killed it" in the Kyrie Irving trade.

    Gilbert preceded that statement with, "I don't know, but I think Kyrie will leave Boston. We could have ended up with nothing." Gilbert is thinking very results based instead of what went into the process of the trade. While Irving may leave Boston, he's a phenomenal player. The Cavs traded him while they still had LeBron James and received a good draft pick and a ball dominant, but injured Isaiah Thomas. It looks good now to have Collin Sexton instead of nothing, but when you have LeBron James on your team and are automatically in title contention, it's almost impossible to "kill it" by trading away a superstar.

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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Brian Windhorst of ESPN is reporting that Kyrie Irving is open to joining the Lakers but they aren’t as high on his list as a few other teams.

    Irving will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st and he has the Celtics, the Knicks and the Nets all ahead of the Lakers as potential destinations. Joining the Lakers would mean reuniting with LeBron James, his former teammate with the Cavs. Kyrie and LeBron overcame a 3-1 deficit against the Warriors to win the championship in 2016 but their relationship went south leading to Irving’s trade to the Celtics last year.

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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Frank Isola of The Athletic is reporting that the Celtics believe Kyrie Irving will stay if they are able to trade for Pelicans star Anthony Davis.

    AD requested a trade back in January and it’s no secret that the Celtics intend to make a run at him this summer. The Pelicans won the draft lottery and the right to select Duke star Zion Williamson but multiple reports suggest that won’t cause Davis to back off his trade request. And while the Celtics supposedly aren’t on Davis’ list of preferred destinations, that rarely matters to Danny Ainge. The Celtics own multiple first-round picks and those, along with Jayson Tatum, may be enough to pry Davis away.

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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving reportedly “had discussions” regarding signing with the Lakers this summer.

    After a second round flame out as the lead gun for the Celtics, it’d be no surprise to see Irving rejoin LeBron James in pursuit of another title, especially since they appeared to bury the hatchet this season. The Lakers will have the cap space to sign Irving but as an unrestricted free agent, he’ll have other suitors as well. It’ll be a fun off-season this year.


  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    The Knicks would be a strong candidate to land Kyrie Irving if he does decide to leave the Celtics this offseason.

    The Knicks are rumored to be very interested in making big splashes this offseason. Kyrie Irving is just one name that the Knicks are looking at adding. There are also many in the organization that like Kemba Walker as a future Knick. It'll be quite an offseason for the most valuable franchise in the NBA. Keep tuned in to the rumor mill to see which All-Stars have different uniforms come next season.

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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    According to Vincent Goodwill, Kyrie Irving looked like someone who already had his eyes set somewhere else after this playoffs defeat against the Bucks.

    It will be a wild free agency to remember and Irving will be in the thick of things, especially with Boston's season not going as planned. There will be non-stop speculation from both the media and the fans as they try to follow what team Kyrie will be looking to join if he feels that he's already done with Boston.

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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving finished Wednesday's Game 5 blowout loss with 15 points (6-of-21 shooting), one assist and one 3-pointer.

    It was a listless performance for Irving in what could very well be his last as a Celtic. Appearing disengaged from the tip, Irving was never able to get others involved and failed to find his own shot. It will be an offseason of non-stop speculation for the top free agent PG on the market and after all of the turmoil that centered around him and the Celtics this year, a breakup could be mutually beneficial.

  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving, who is mired in a career-worst three-game playoff shooting slump, intends to keep on being aggressive and shooting right through the slump.

    The man they call "Uncle Drew" seems unfazed by his recent slump, and that's a good thing for the Celtics as they try to claw back into this series. Shooters go through slumps, and Irving isn't letting that affect him as he attempts to put it all behind him by staying mentally ready to continue to play his game.

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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving double-doubled with 23 points (7-for-22 FGs, 8-for-9 FTs), 10 assists, six rebounds, two steals and a three in 44 minutes in a 113-101 Game 4 loss to the Bucks in Boston.

    Kyrie was streaky tonight, and if a few more of his threes had fallen (he was 1-for-7) this game could've been a lot more interesting in the final minutes. With that said, the Celtics lacked intensity and cohesion in this one and it wouldn't be shocking if that was Kyrie's final home game in Boston. We'll see how the team performs with their backs against the wall on Wednesday night in Game 5 in Milwaukee.

  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Stefan Bondy of the Daily News is reporting that sources have told him Kyrie Irving would prefer the Nets over the Knicks.

    Bondy's exact quote reads, "Some plugged-in to the NBA claim Irving will strongly consider Brooklyn as a free-agent destination, with one source saying the 27-year-old prefers the Nets to the Knicks." It certainly wouldn't be surprising that a player would prefer the culture that Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson are building with the Nets over James Dolan and the disgruntled Knicks. The Knicks do have an advantage in financial flexibility and it is assumed that Irving's decision will be at least somewhat motivated by how far the Celtics can advance in the playoffs so it is still likely too early to speculate.

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  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving shot only 8-for-22 from the field and finished Friday's home loss to the Bucks with 29 points, two 3s, six dimes, three rebounds, three steals and four turnovers.

    This was the second straight game Irving has shot under 40 percent from the field and while he was loads better than his Game 2 abomination, he seemed to defer to his teammates down the stretch (in addition to a key late turnover during an attempted comeback). Game 4 is on Monday and Irving and the Celtics will have to find some answers if they hope to avoid falling into a 3-1 deficit before the series shifts back to Milwaukee.

  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving fell flat in Tuesday's Game 2, scoring nine points on 4-of-18 shooting to go with his five rebounds, four assists, one steal, one block and one 3-pointer.

    Irving started off the game 1-for-8 from the field and had a strong sequence to close out the second quarter, but he couldn't keep his foot on the gas in the second half. He missed some tough layups tonight but he also displayed the typical Uncle Drew shotmaking ability and after Game 1's masterful performance, we can expect him to bounce back after this dud.

  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving delievered 26 points, seven rebounds, 11 assists and a pair of 3-pointers as the Celtics bested the Bucks in Game 1 on Sunday.

    Irving got off to a hot start in the first quarter and shifted into more of a facilitator role throughout the day, though he was still able to get his buckets when called upon. Milwaukee missing Malcolm Brogdon is huge here, as not only do they miss his defense, but Irving can basically stand in the corner and "guard" Sterling Brown. If Irving has a full tank to focus on offense, Milwaukee is going to be facing a tough road ahead.