We’re looking for Hoop Ball Fantasy Experts


When I started Hoop Ball the No. 1 thing I knew I wanted to do was create the best fantasy basketball content site — bar none.

I knew we wouldn’t have a lot of the tech other sites would have, at least right off the bat, but I knew we could be the best content site because I had helped front the award winning Rotoworld hoops site for the good part of a decade.

Aside from that, for years I have been competing in and winning the toughest, highest stakes leagues I can find.

I’ve used my work product — writing and talking about fantasy basketball — to take my game to the highest levels.  I’ve been coached by some great editors and being in the eye of the fantasy storm for so long I’ve seen a few things.

I’ve won an FSWA Writer of the Year award.

So yeah, I’m pretty partial to the idea that we can be the best.

And here at Hoop Ball we want to be much more than what any one person can bring to the table.

Which is why we’ve brought on and developed some of the industry’s leading voices including Dan Besbris, headliner for one of the best fantasy podcasts in the industry (Fantasy NBA Today), and Mike Passador — who heads up the best real-time fantasy news and blurb feed in the industry.  We’ve added my old cohort Ethan Norof and to my old friends — sorry not sorry.

Hell, we’ve added a lot of people up and down the website, but as you all know fantasy hoops will always be the thing I guarantee we dominate.

All of our writers and podcasters get continuous training on not just how to be a professional in the world of basketball media, but also the same strategies that have made the Bruski 150 the top-performing and best-selling preseason rankings in the industry.

Ultimately, we want to create a stable of top fantasy experts and with all that basketball brain power we want to change the game.

We’ll package that in a way that grows the platform and brings everybody affiliated with it on a sweet ride.

Readers get to enjoy the best analysis in the industry from a company that’s trying to be more than just a corporate afterthought.

It’s growing faster than I thought it would and we’re all just sort of pinning our ears back, getting after it, but having a lot of fun in the process too.

If you think you have what it takes hit us up at teamhoopball at hoop-ball dot com.