• #Rockets @ Spurs

    It seemed like the line was near 7 briefly but then quickly got yanked off the board. I don’t know who we’re waiting on, since I believe John Wall and Boogie Cousins are ruled out. Perhaps I missed someone questionable on the Spurs side… if not, I reckon this line will be somewhere near where the last one was, and I firmly believe we’ll get a flip performance. The lack of ballhandling will catch up with Houston here in the rematch and the Spurs won’t be sleeping in that first game back home. Lean to Spurs pending the line.

    #Magic @ #Nets (-14) (231)

    Think this line is a big Harden-inflated? I was hoping Kyrie would be back, too for maximum logjam, but I’m still looking for ways to fade the new-look Nets until they start to learn how to play with each other. Let’s be clear, figuring out how James Harden fits into an offense is NOT easy. I’m almost in auto-fade mode on Brooklyn over the next 5 to 10 games, and I bet we go no worse than 6-4 ATS if we didn’t even bother to handicap the games. But we will, and this is a ton of points for a scrambling Orlando team that needs every one of ’em.

    #Hornets @ #Raptors

    Rematch! The Raptors were laying way too many points in the first meeting, and honestly, I’m concerned they lose this one. I thought they were going to run it up in the last one and they just simply can’t put teams away. There was nothing weird about that meeting, either. Both teams turned it over too much, neither shot many free throws. Both teams went small for the most part, and we had a ton of guard play. The pace was pretty dang close to where the final score landed, too, so if we think the teams get to the line more, we lean over. If we think they grind it out, we lean under. I think we see better ball control and a few more fouls, so slight over lean and Charlotte.

    #Sixers @ #Grizzlies

    I’m curious if this game happens, given Memphis played Minnesota, who now has 2 positive COVID tests. Frankly, I think it should be canceled, but I’m looking to see if Ja Morant plays, should the game happen. If he’s back, I might consider a Grizzlies fade, but otherwise I’m most likely leaving it alone. Why fade them with Ja back? Rust, mostly. Overdoing it. And with the road team not laying as many points as if the game was at the Philly venue, it could be a more workable number.

    #Pistons @ #Heat

    Zombie Heat for one more game, we think. Or more. Either way this line will be a lot tighter than if Butler was back. With so many questions on personnel, we are once again unable to really get a strong read on the game. This is the front half of a rematch pair between the two teams, so you could also lay back and just play the second half if you wanted. I would lean Pistons, as I bet they see the Heat without their stars as a winnable game.

    #Hawks @ #Blazers (-4) (235)

    The Hawks look awful, but Portland without Nurkic is a scary proposition. You basically have the never-play-defense Blazers of last year, who didn’t cover often enough. Still, teams do tend to get emotions up in the first game without a key guy. I just wonder if it’s different for Portland because this is the second year in a row they’ll have to maneuver through the season without their prize big man. How many times can Dame will this team to a playoff spot? He does it over and over again, but the possibility of running out of gas is on the table. The Hawks aren’t a team I can bet these days, at least not until they sort out whatever weirdness is going on behind the scenes.

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